Check list – Settling in Glasgow

Hey you ! How are you doing ? Are you going to study abroad next September ?

One year ago, I was organising my arrival in Glasgow, and I wish someone would have told me about some stuff I had to do. Yes there are others things to do after finding a place ! 978a1fb9be6c0c041f4303f7e322c7ab

– Registration GP, if you get sick it’s hard to get an appointment with a GP, you will have to go to the hospital. So you better go and register in a medical center near your place, all the forms are on-line. You can find the nearest GP Here !

– New mobile number, this is the second thing I did when I arrived, I decided to get a UK phone number. Even if you want to keep your French number active, you should get a new number, one of the reason is you will be spending a fortune on calls and texts if you don’t. The other reason is most administrative, and daily actions (bank, restaurant booking, work) requires you to have a UK number. I chose Giffgaff as my new operator. You choose the goody bag you want, you don’t need to subscribe to any contract, and it works in your home country.

– Transport bus card, depends where you live and where is your university. There are two main company in the Greather Glasgow. You have to check the fares. Here are the two websites  Firstbus and Mc Gill’s 

– Student Card, during the Fresher week and the enrollement. Think that with a student card you can have a lot of discount ! 
– Bank account, if you want to work or put money on a scottish bank account. I chose Clidesdale Bank, but most of the bank are doing free account for student you just have to check the document you need to open one.